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Using a remote control involves possible contact with bodily fluids that means there is a risk of diseases passing between people and staff. These diseases include Covid-19, HIV, Herpes Viruses, Syphilis, Hepatitis, and Flu.” 


Remotes are reused and must be cleaned and then sterilized. This involves heating them to high temperatures which cannot be accomplished because of the fragile electronics. Using a Remote Sleeve regularly ensures you will not come into contact with germs.


“I had no idea my customers were seeking a product like remote sleeves, after my purchase and installing the remote sleeves on the entire property I was amazed at the response from my customers!” 

John D

“I’m not a rocket scientist but I know when there is a need for something and when you supply that need the sky is the limit, my guest feel safe now”

Emily S

“Remote Sleeves has been very responsive to our needs, they worked with my housekeeping team to supply exactly what was needed, keep up the great work!”

Sarah E

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