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  1. Apple Leisure Group has grown from its historic travel and resort brands to become a leading leisure travel and resort brand management group driven by its Mission, Vision and Core Values.
  2. We are committed to fostering a culture of Diversity and Inclusion across ALG, putting our commitment into action as we continue to grow as a team.

Apple Leisure Group (ALG) has a rich history over the last 50 years, bringing together strong travel brands and businesses to become the leading North American leisure travel and resort brand management group. Rooted in a legacy of industry pioneers and visionaries, ALG has a team of passionate and hardworking Team Members across businesses who are dedicated to delivering exceptional value to travelers with unforgettable vacation experiences.


ALG Mission, Vision and Core Values: More than just words

The travel industry has continued to evolve and change, and ALG continues to adapt, making our team and businesses incredibly resilient. However, in 2019 we had the great opportunity to unite the businesses under the same goals and strengthen our future as an organization by launching the One ALG Mission, Vision and Core Values. Since then, they have become more than words on a poster – our Core Values guide our objectives; our Vision sets strategic plans in action; and ALG is committed to our Mission of turning vacation dreams into lifelong memories.

This past year, the global pandemic affected our businesses in unprecedented ways and through the toughest times in the travel industry’s history, ALG’s Core Values played a leading role. Our Team Members were empowered to be agile and respond to new situations in new ways, while our leaders supported resiliency and flexibility. The team proved ALG’s industry leadership, even in times of crisis, fortified by living our Core Values each day.


ALG Core Values in Action…


We Do It Together. The collaboration during our toughest times was unmatched with continued teamwork and resourcefulness helping manage any headwinds we faced.

We are Hungry for More. Innovation never stopped throughout the pandemic. Whether working at-home or in-destination, Team Members found creative ways to remain efficient and ensure we were ready to manage the pent-up demand for travel and market recovery.

We Care. Committed to our Team Members and our communities, wellness and support was paramount during quarantines, mandates and uncertain times. Through emotional, social, mental and physical well-being support, we were able to resource our Team Members to help them navigate the changing scenario.

We Do Everything with Passion. Our team is made up of individuals amazingly passionate about providing unforgettable vacation moments and best-in-class service, as seen in the quick implementation of Covid-19 safety and clean protocols to create a healthy travel experience for our customers.

Research shows that employees increasingly want to work for organizations where the organization’s values align with their own, and our Team Members are driven by our Mission, Vision and Values with great commitment and passion.


Committed to Diversity & Inclusion

At Apple Leisure Group, we strive to enrich lives and unite the world by breaking down borders and biases to learn about new destinations and cultures through travel experiences. To achieve this vision internally for our global organization, we shared our commitment to Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) as we continue to reinforce these principles in our culture.

According to McKinsey, over the past five years, the likelihood that diverse companies will out earn their industry peers has grown: gender-diverse companies now outperform their competitors by 25%, and ethnically diverse companies outperform by 36%. The competitive advantage and benefits are clear with better talent recruitment and retention, increased innovation, and reduced group think in inclusive workplace environments and businesses.

In ALG’s journey, the D&I Advisory Board was first established with key leaders and champions to oversee the implementation and progress of the initiative. As we set out to continue to unleash ALG’s potential, the team turned words of commitment into action with a strategic plan based in clear objectives and important work streams. Initial actions included, but are not limited to, evaluating our people management practices, and ensuring we are growing our diverse workforce through training and development opportunities. We are also excited to be launching Global D&I Team Member Circles to deepen Team Member connections across geographies and backgrounds. These Team Member-led groups have an area of focus and are responsible for creating meaningful engagement and initiatives for the organization, as well as providing candid feedback to leadership.

Our efforts go beyond internal practices and Team Members: At the WTTC Global Summit, ALG became a signatory of the Cancun Women’s Initiative Declaration to support women in travel and tourism. According to WTTC’s 2019 data, women accounted for 54% of Travel & Tourism’s employment worldwide, however, these women were not occupying the most senior or strategic roles in the sector. In this commitment to achieving gender equality, we are motivated by the private sector goals and initiatives set forth by this pledge.

At ALG, diversity and inclusion is not one initiative led by some, rather it is a collective effort instilled in our core values and our culture. It requires effort and dedication from all Team Members and leaders.

ALG’s strong and unique corporate culture has been instrumental to effectively face the pandemic crisis and come out of it stronger. Our culture contributes to the success of our long-term goals and strategic plans, benefiting Team Members, partners, clients, and business alike. It is this shared vision that unites our efforts, allowing us to adapt to great change, continue to learn from each other and set goals that take us to the next level. We are energized and driven by our bright future together.

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