Remote Sleeves


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The remotes you use are frequently used by many people, you can use a remote sleeve only once and then thrown it away, this prevents diseases from spreading from one person to another.

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Using a remote control involves possible contact with bodily fluids, that means there is a risk of diseases passing between people and staff, these diseases possibly include, Coronavirus (COVID-19), HIV, herpes viruses, syphilis, hepatitis, and the flu.

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You can’t depend on establishments to regularly sanitize or replace their remote controls, so protecting yourself is imperative, this is where Remote Sleeves come in.

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Remotes are reused and must be cleaned and then sterilized, this involves heating them to high temperatures which cannot be accomplished because of the fragile electronics. Using a Remote Sleeve regularly ensures you will not come into contact with germs.

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Our remote control sleeves are closed with a peel-off strip that reveals a sticky band, you then fold over the longer flap on the sleeve and the sleeve seals but can be reopened. These are perfect for the hospitality industry or any industry that uses multiple remote controls, great for keeping them sanitary for the user.

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